Dec 31, 2023

A Legal Tipsheet for HOA Boards and Residents

Navigating the shifting landscape of HOA regulations can feel like trekking through a legal minefield. But fear not, fellow board members and residents, for Manning & Meyers are here to equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate these complexities with confidence. So, grab your hard hats, and let’s explore some crucial tips to avoid legal pitfalls and cultivate a thriving community.

Legal Landmines Every Board Member Should Avoid

Overzealous Enforcement

  • Examples: Fining someone for a misplaced flower pot, sending eviction notices for minor infractions, and micromanaging residents’ personal lives.

  • Risks: Alienating residents, fostering resentment, potential lawsuits for harassment, discrimination, or violation of privacy rights.

  • Alternatives: Focus on education and outreach, provide clear guidelines, work with residents to resolve issues collaboratively, and offer warnings before resorting to fines or legal action.

Procedural Pitfalls

  • Examples: Holding meetings without proper notice, lacking quorum (minimum number of members required for decisions), not recording minutes accurately, and violating voting procedures (e.g., proxies, secret ballots).

  • Risks: Invalidating board decisions, exposing the HOA to legal challenges, undermining trust and transparency.

  • Alternatives: Strictly adhere to bylaws and meeting protocols, ensure proper documentation, consult legal counsel if unsure about procedures, and maintain consistent practices to avoid confusion.

Selective Application

  • Examples: Ignoring violations by board members or favored residents, while strictly enforcing rules against others, applying rules differently based on personal relationships or biases.

  • Risks: Accusations of discrimination, unfair treatment, potential lawsuits for breach of fiduciary duty, and damage to the HOA’s reputation.

  • Alternatives: Treat everyone equally and consistently, regardless of personal connections or opinions, document violations objectively, enforce rules fairly and transparently, and avoid any appearance of favoritism.

Financial Follies

  • Examples: Misusing HOA funds for personal gain, failing to maintain accurate financial records, neglecting budgeting and oversight, and entering into risky financial deals.

  • Risks: Embezzlement charges, personal liability for financial mismanagement, the potential for lawsuits from residents or creditors, loss of trust, and damage to the HOA’s financial stability.

  • Alternatives: Maintain meticulous financial records, prioritize transparency and accountability, involve residents in budget discussions, seek professional financial guidance if needed, and avoid conflicts of interest and personal benefit from HOA funds.


By understanding each of these HOA law landmines and actively navigating them, board members protect themselves and the HOA from unnecessary risks and ensure good governance for the community.

The Art of Bylaw Crafting

Bylaws are your community’s constitution, so craft them carefully. 

Clarity is King

Use clear, concise language that everyone can understand. No legalese allowed!

Specificity is Your Shield

Define prohibited behaviors and consequences explicitly. Leave no room for ambiguity.

Community Consensus

Involve residents in the bylaw-making process. Their buy-in fosters compliance and reduces future conflict.

Regular Review

Don’t let your bylaws become outdated. Revisit them periodically to ensure they reflect the community’s evolving needs.

Proactive Risk Management

Don’t wait for trouble to knock. Manning & Meyers offers a proactive approach to managing risk and conflict:

Early Intervention

We identify potential legal issues before they escalate, saving you time, money, and headaches.

Conflict Resolution 

We’re skilled negotiators who can help resolve disputes amicably and efficiently, minimizing disruption to your community.

Compliance Audits

We’ll review your practices and procedures to ensure you’re operating within legal boundaries, preventing future liabilities.

Training and Education

We offer workshops and seminars for board members and residents to increase their understanding of HOA regulations and best practices.

Manning & Meyers Knows HOAs

Manning & Meyers is your legal partner in navigating the HOA landscape. We’re not just here to clean up messes; we’re here to prevent them in the first place. By following these tips and utilizing our expertise, you can build a thriving HOA community where everyone feels safe, informed, and valued.


Ditch the stress and embrace the possibilities! Let’s work together to create a vibrant community where harmony and legal compliance go hand in hand. With Manning & Meyers by your side, you can navigate the legal minefield with confidence and build a neighborhood where everyone feels like they belong.


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