Condominium association law can be complex territory for property managers. Our HOA law firm specializes in condo association law and has worked with several condo associations to help them achieve their goals.

The condo association lawyers of Manning & Meyers have developed substantial expertise in all essential condo law fields. We work to serve boards of directors with the utmost care and attention.

What Makes Manning & Meyers Dallas’s Condo Law Experts?

Condominium association law can be complex due to several factors. From the legal framework involved with statutes and regulations to governing various bylaws and handling financial matters, a condo law expert can help your association move forward with grace.

Our team of experienced condo law attorneys is board-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and can help your board make decisions that prioritize the success of your association.

Association Governance and Compliance

Our team of condo law attorneys specializes in providing comprehensive assistance to condominium associations with effective services navigating the complexities of association governance.

We have extensive experience drafting, reviewing, and interpreting essential governing documents, including bylaws, rules, regulations, and CC&Rs. We ensure these documents comply with local laws and ordinances and prioritize your community’s unique needs and aspirations. Contact us today (214) 823-6600.

Richardson, Texas
Dallas, Texas

Some of the most frequent conflicts we help with include the following:

  • Disputes over common area maintenance
  • Repair disputes
  • Misinterpretation regarding the enforcement of condo CC&Rs
  • Assessment issues
  • Noise complaints
  • Parking issues
  • Pet-related conflict
  • Conflicts between owners
  • Conflicts between owners and management or the board 

In more complex cases, our team can also represent associations in litigation proceedings, ensuring that the Condo association’s rights are protected, and interests are advocated for in court if necessary.


We are the experts when it comes to handling eviction matters within a condominium community. Our expertise in condominium law and eviction procedures ensures we can assist both condominium associations and individual unit owners throughout the eviction process. 

We guide the proper legal grounds for eviction, ensuring compliance with applicable state and local laws and the condominium’s governing documents.

If an unfortunate eviction arises, we are always on your side to assist with the eviction process and help landlords overcome common obstacles that may arise between serving the official notice and getting the rental back on the market. Evictions can be complex and legally challenging, and having a knowledgeable condo lawyer by their side can provide landlords with invaluable guidance and representation.

First and foremost, our condo law lawyers can help landlords navigate the legal requirements and procedures involved in an eviction. We ensure that every landlord dealing with an eviction complies with all necessary legal steps and documentation that keep the eviction legal. 

From serving timely eviction notices to filing eviction lawsuits with the Texas Justice of Peace Court, we are prepared to walk you through every step of the process and reduce the risk of costly mistakes or potential legal challenges.

Our in-depth knowledge of eviction laws and experience in negotiation and dispute resolution can help streamline the eviction process and protect the rights and interests of all parties involved.

Frisco, Texas

Common Evictions Obstacles We Resolve

Even with our help, condo evictions aren’t always a cut-and-dry experience.

In situations where you can’t seem to get past certain hurdles, our condo law experts can assist you in overcoming common obstacles that are keeping unwanted tenants on your property.

For example, if a tenant raises defenses or counterclaims, such as allegations of improper maintenance or violation of their rights, our lawyers can build a case providing a strong defense strategy to protect the landlord’s interests. Between gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and presenting compelling arguments to the courts, we will always fight tooth and nail to support the landlords we represent.

CC&R Amendments

Your community is bound to grow and evolve. So, having to amend governing documents may become a necessity. 

CC&R (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) amendments are changes made to the governing documents of your condominium community. These amendments typically require a specific set of steps that ensure changes are valid and enforceable. 

The experienced team at Manning & Meyers can help review the existing governing documents and identify any provisions that may need to be updated or modified to suit your association’s current goals.

Trust us to assess the legal requirements for amendments outlined in the governing documents and applicable state laws.

Next, we can guide the board and community through the process of drafting the amendment. 

Our legal expertise will help your board craft clear, enforceable amendments that coincide with existing provisions and any legal implications. If your condo association amendments raise concerns within your community, we can help address these objections with proof that the law is on your side. 

Even after your amendments are made we can guide your board on how to effectively communicate the proposed changes and seek consensus within the community. Manning & Meyers is dedicated to assisting condo associations with revising critical CC&R amendments and ensuring their legal compliance for a seamless transition.

We Offer Mediation and Negotiation Amidst Evictions

Moreover, if mediation or negotiation is possible, we have the experience to help landlords explore alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve the conflict without resorting to eviction. Our legal team can engage in productive discussions with tenants, identify potential compromises, and facilitate a mutually acceptable agreement.

Overall, the legal team at Manning & Meyers is invaluable for landlords facing eviction-related challenges. We are not only the experts but are also your guides through the eviction process. Trust us to help you overcome any eviction-related situation.

Board Representation

We provide reliable legal advice to condo association boards. Trust us to keep your board in compliance with state and federal laws. We put risk management and informed decision-making at the forefront of our board representation services and ensure our guidance serves your community’s best interest. 

We are your board’s legal advocate and advise your members on important decisions. After all, a board is a group of community volunteers with a passion for higher living. Not every member will be well-versed with the legalities of their position and that’s where we step in.

Our team offers guidance and representation in condominium governance, compliance, and decision-making matters.

We assist the board in interpreting and understanding the governing documents, such as the declaration, bylaws, and rules and regulations, ensuring that board actions and decisions align with the applicable laws and regulations. 

If your board’s interests fall under scrutiny, our lawyers will act as legal counsel on behalf of the association. Let us advocate a strong legal argument that pushes your needs forward in legal proceedings.

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  • We have used Manning and Meyers as an HOA for over four years now. Casey's experience with HOA law and guidance have been invaluable. They are always very prompt and timely in their responses and extremely thorough in their advice whatever the subject.

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  • Manning & Meyers are the attorneys for our Home Owners Association. They maintain a professional relationship with owners who have been referred to them by the HOA. They also provide a monthly updates regarding all HOA referred cases to the Board of Directors. Working with Manning & Meyers has been effective in decreasing our outstanding HOA delinquencies and they've taken the time to ensure the board is well educated on legal actions enacted on our behave. I highly recommend Manning & Meyers Attorneys At Law.

    Paul Kirkley
  • I have been working with Manning & Meyers Attorneys at law for more than 4 years now, as a HOA Board member. They are very meticulous, client oriented and prompt in action. We have reviewed and resolved numerous cases with all kinds of home owners and our Attorneys were extremely detail oriented and professional in all aspects. It is my pleasure to recommend Manning & Meyers to anyone seeking legal help and assistance.

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