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At Manning & Meyers, our attorneys have extensive experience representing homeowner associations (HOAs), condominium associations, and their boards across Plano and the northern Dallas suburbs. With our in-depth knowledge of HOA and condominium law, we guide communities through the complex legal issues unique to association living.

We understand the intricacies of laws that govern condo communities and HOAs. Our attorneys stay up to date on new regulations at the state and local levels that affect how these institutions operate. Trust us to ensure your community is always working within the realm of the law.

With our expertise on your side, you can avoid legal troubles and operate smoothly. We serve as trusted advisors to boards, ensuring compliance with governing documents and statutes.

Your association is in your board’s best interest. You can depend on us to protect it.  When conflicts emerge, we’ll fight aggressively for the HOA to resolve issues efficiently and cost-effectively.

HOAs face many legal considerations. Our qualified Plano HOA lawyers prevent expensive mistakes and provide peace of mind.

Our HOA and Condominium Law Services in Plano 

Condo and HOA law covers the structure, organization, powers, duties, and homeowner rights of associations. Key issues involve collecting assessments, enforcing covenants, insurance requirements, maintenance obligations, rulemaking authority, and more.

Laws like the Texas Condominium Act outline specific regulations associations must follow. With extensive knowledge of these complex laws, our attorneys provide invaluable guidance that keeps your community running smoothly and owners happy.

CC&R Expert in Plano

At Manning & Meyers, we understand the complexities of covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) that govern HOA communities. We help boards in Plano interpret ambiguous or outdated provisions in their governing documents.

When violations occur, we pursue compliance through customized notices, fines schedules, and litigation if needed. We take an approach focused on achieving compliance while maintaining community harmony.

As laws and community needs evolve, we advise boards on properly amending CC&Rs to keep them relevant. Our attorneys diligently update restrictions to close legal loopholes and address emerging issues.

With our deep expertise in HOA law, we draft air-tight amendments that hold up to legal challenges. Rely on Manning & Meyers for clear guidance and documents that simplify CC&R enforcement for your board.

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Plano Eviction Attorneys for HOAs

At Manning & Meyers, we offer dedicated services to collect overdue HOA assessments in Plano communities.

For renters not paying dues, we issue customized statutory notices. If they fail to become compliant, we represent the HOA through expedited eviction proceedings.

In cases of homeowners becoming delinquent, we take tailored legal action such as enacting assessment liens, foreclosing on properties, or garnishing wages. We pursue the optimal collection strategy for each unique situation.

With an ethical yet aggressive approach, we secure HOA assessment revenue while limiting disruptions to community harmony. Associations can count on Manning & Meyers for dedicated assessment collection services in Plano.

Expert Legal Counsel for Plano HOA and Condo Boards

The attorneys at Manning & Meyers empower HOA and condominium boards across Plano to govern smoothly and resolve conflicts. We take a hands-on, customized approach focused on the specific needs of each association.

By advising boards on practical solutions tailored to their communities, we help prevent issues from escalating into disruptive legal battles. When disputes do arise, we work efficiently to negotiate positive outcomes, always advocating aggressively for the association’s interests.

At Manning & Meyers, we become trusted partners invested in the long-term success of each HOA and condominium we represent. Contact us for dedicated legal guidance that makes governance efficient for associations across Plano.

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  • Manning & Meyers has been working with our HOA Management company and have done an excellent job of handling our legal needs, clear communication and very responsive.

    Scott Brooke
  • As the treasurer of our HOA community I have had deal with a couple Law Offices. It has been my experience that Manning & Meyers Attorneys at Law is my choice of law firms in dealing with all HOA matters.

    LeRoy Bishaw
  • Our HOA has seen great results in collections since we have been using Manning & Meyers. They have worked well with our management company and I appreciate the good communication as well as alerting us with any issues.

    Stephanie Shackelford
  • We have been using Manning & Meyers for years to handle our HOA and continued to use them through management changes. They have done a phenomenal job and I would highly recommend.

    Michael Stuhlman
  • As a HOA board member we began using Casey at Manning & Meyers about 1 year ago. His experience helped us overcome some of the pre-existing difficulties and set a plan for the future protection of our community. Managing 605 homes can be quite daunting at times, but having a great HOA Attorney on our side made a huge difference.

    Kelly Murra
  • We have used Manning and Meyers as an HOA for over four years now. Casey's experience with HOA law and guidance have been invaluable. They are always very prompt and timely in their responses and extremely thorough in their advice whatever the subject.

    Matthew Laakso
  • Manning & Meyers are the attorneys for our Home Owners Association. They maintain a professional relationship with owners who have been referred to them by the HOA. They also provide a monthly updates regarding all HOA referred cases to the Board of Directors. Working with Manning & Meyers has been effective in decreasing our outstanding HOA delinquencies and they've taken the time to ensure the board is well educated on legal actions enacted on our behave. I highly recommend Manning & Meyers Attorneys At Law.

    Paul Kirkley
  • I have been working with Manning & Meyers Attorneys at law for more than 4 years now, as a HOA Board member. They are very meticulous, client oriented and prompt in action. We have reviewed and resolved numerous cases with all kinds of home owners and our Attorneys were extremely detail oriented and professional in all aspects. It is my pleasure to recommend Manning & Meyers to anyone seeking legal help and assistance.

    Vikram Venneti