Homeowner associations (HOAs) come with a multitude of laws and regulations that can put any board to the test when legal issues arise. If you’re part of an HOA board that needs an HOA lawyer in Dallas, Texas, Manning & Meyers can help! We specialize in representing condominiums and HOAs throughout Dallas and its surrounding communities.

Our HOA litigation attorneys have substantial expertise and experience in dealing with management companies and serving Boards of Directors of associations. We understand the ultimate client is the homeowner, and our legal services strive to help your association bring you and your owners the greatest value.

We Take HOA Law Seriously

Between CC&Rs and the demands that can come from owners, it’s easy for an HOA to find themselves needing a lawyer. 

An HOA lawyer in Dallas is something your team should always have on its side because we can help you make critical decisions that can keep your Board members and name out of expensive legal trouble. Contact us today (214) 823-6600.

HOA Governance and Compliance

At Manning & Meyers, we assist HOAs with matters involving HOA governance. From drafting and reviewing documents like bylaws, rules, regulations, and CC&Rs, we are here to ensure your documents work within local laws and ordinances while keeping the needs of your community at the forefront.

Enforcement and Dispute Resolution

Conflicts and disputes can arise between homeowners and the HOA. When this happens, our experienced attorneys will put our expertise to work and resolve disputes fairly and efficiently.

From property maintenance issues to architectural guidelines, noise complaints, parking violations, and more, trust us to find an amicable resolution as we protect your rights throughout the litigation.

Collections and Evictions

Non-payment of HOA dues can put a financial strain on the association. Your Board needs regular dues payments to maintain the community and keep it an enticing place for owners.

Whether you need help resolving a collection dispute, serving a lien, or need an experienced eviction lawyer, we can help you collect your fees or move forward with other critical processes if non-payment continues.

CC&R Amendments

The need to amend or modify governing documents may arise as communities evolve. We assist HOAs in making necessary changes to their governing documents, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and facilitating a smooth transition process.

Board Representation

We offer legal advice and counsel to HOA boards, ensuring compliance with state and federal laws, managing risk, and making informed decisions that protect the community’s best interests. Our attorneys guide board governance, fiduciary duties, and the proper execution of board responsibilities.

What Makes Manning & Meyers Your Go-To HOA Legal Team?

Our team of Dallas HOA lawyers has extensive experience in all aspects of HOA law. We have successfully represented numerous homeowners and associations in a wide range of complex cases.

We take the initiative to stay up-to-date with Texas HOA laws and regulations. It’s our goal to give you the most effective legal advice for any obstacles you may encounter.

Dedicated and Tailored Legal Approach

A personalized approach is a successful approach when it comes to HOA law. Our legal team provides a tailored process to meet each of our client’s unique needs.

We are dedicated to putting in the extra effort and time to understand your HOA’s needs and objectives. Let us work for you to achieve the best possible legal outcome and make your HOA a better place to live.