Eviction Attorney

Evicting a non-paying tenant or a holdover occupant after a foreclosure sale can be time-consuming and challenging. There are more than 254 Justices of the Peace courts in Texas, and they frequently differ in processes and procedures.

Manning & Meyers is a team of eviction attorneys that have worked with landlords and developers to streamline the eviction process.

Trust us to help you preserve your time and resources as a landlord and property owner. The eviction process can be complicated. But with Manning & Meyers on your side, we can help you move through the process and into the prepping stages for your next tenant.

What is eviction?

Eviction is a legal process that all landlords have the right to. When a tenant violates your terms and agreements or commits other common grounds for eviction, you can legally remove them from your property. Remember, the eviction process can be complex, and one wrong move as a landlord could keep an unruly tenant on your property. 

Rely on an experienced eviction attorney to help you understand when you can evict a renter and the steps you must take in the process for a speedy and legal eviction.

Common Terms of Eviction

The eviction process can start with a multitude of problems. At Manning & Meyers, we understand the legalities behind some of the most common terms of eviction, include:

  • A tenant’s failure to pay rent
  • Emergency eviction after a property foreclosure
  • Property damage
  • General rental agreement violations

How can Manning & Meyers help with your evictions?

Our firm represents landlords and investors in eviction actions throughout the state of Texas.

The attorneys at Manning & Meyers have been bringing successful eviction actions for over fifty years. They have successfully assisted landlords, investors, and property purchasers in securing the possession of their property as fast as legally possible.

We know the steps of the evictions process

The average eviction process in Texas takes around three weeks to complete from start to finish. You want to get bad renters out and excellent tenants in as a landlord.

Sometimes waiting three weeks isn’t an option. The eviction lawyers of Manning & Meyers thoroughly understand the eviction process and can help you make the right moves to speed up getting an unfortunate tenant off-property.

We have experience with all complex issues that can arise from eviction and can help you navigate the following stages of the process:

  • Provide your tenant with the right pre-petition printable eviction notice
  • File an official eviction lawsuit
  • Execute a Writ of Possession if you win the lawsuit, and the tenant still refuses to leave
  • Draft up new contract terms and conditions to help you avoid future complications in necessary evictions.

Clear Out Your New Non-Paying Renters Today With Manning & Meyers

The Texas eviction process can be difficult to navigate without legal help. The eviction lawyers of Manning & Meyers can bring an affordable, professional approach to evictions, giving you the legal experience you need to effectively complete your eviction and move on to the next great tenant. 

If you know it’s time to evict a bad tenant, work with the best eviction lawyers in Dallas to avoid complications. Reach out to us today and schedule your free consultation with a member of our firm.