Sep 25, 2021

Changes to the Law Related To Board Meeting Notice- 2021 Legislative Analysis

Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas

Section 209.0051 of the Texas Property Code governs the required notices that associations must provide to members prior to meetings of the board of directors. Additionally, this section includes a list of items upon which an association may not vote without first providing notice to members.  This section was amended in the 2021 Legislative Session to expand those notice requirements and slightly alter the list of items upon which a board of directors may not vote without first giving notice to members.  The requirements under this section go into effect on September 1, 2021.


An association must now provide at least 144 hours (6 days) notice of regular board meetings if the association notices these meetings online or by posting in a conspicuous place within the community.[1]  If an association notices these meetings via mail or the meeting is a special meeting of the directors, then the notice requirements do not change.


Lastly, the board may not, unless done in an open meeting of which prior notice was given to owners, consider or vote upon the approval of an annual budget or an amendment to an annual budget.[2]

[1] Texas Property Code § 209.0051(e)(2)

[2] Texas Property Code § 209.0051(h)(11)