Jul 29, 2022

Tips for Legally Speeding Up the Eviction Process


When a tenant becomes unruly or accumulates months of unpaid rent, the eviction process is the only way a landlord can legally remove the tenant from their property.

On average, the eviction process can take three weeks. Understandably, landlords would want to speed up the process in order to get their property back on the rental market as soon as possible.

There are legal ways to make an eviction move faster; let’s explore how you can quickly clear out bad tenants.

Keep an Eye Out for Glaring Lease Violations

Lease violations are one of the most common causes of eviction. If you find that a bad tenant has violated your lease, simply post a notice that you are revoking their right to live on your property.

Your vacate notice should give tenants a specific date to have themselves moved out of your property. The average timeframe is three days.

You’ve sped up the vacancy process if they obey your vacate notice. However, if they fail to move out within your given timeframe, it’s time to file an eviction lawsuit.

Come to an Agreement to Vacate

Sometimes in multi-family properties, issues can arise between renters. When this happens, even if an official violation didn’t occur, it may be easier to ask the offending tenant to leave rather than risk the happiness of your other occupants.

If you can talk to the tenant and suggest that the living situation isn’t working out according to plan, you and the tenant can agree to break the lease and legally avoid the eviction process altogether.

Apply for a Bond for immediate Possession

A bond for immediate possession is one way to speed up the process in Texas. If you are a landlord and know that you’ll win your case for eviction in court, these bonds can cut the eviction process down from three weeks to ten days.

While the immediate possession bond speeds up your eviction, it is still a risk. If you lose your case. the money you put up for the bond goes towards paying the tenant’s legal fees. Also, tenants have the right to post a counterbond that could ultimately stretch out the process towards the normal timeframe.

Hire an Experienced Evictions Lawyer

Evictions can be a lengthy and draining process when a landlord tries to accomplish them on their own. So, to save time and money, we suggest hiring an eviction lawyer to help clear out your property.

Eviction lawyers have the experience to streamline eviction proceedings and help you:

  • Gather your evidence of violations or property damage
  • Communicate with the tenant
  • File your eviction documents on time
  • Prepare for impending court hearings

Trust an eviction lawyer like those of Manning & Meyers to get your eviction right the first time.

Legally Evict Violating Tenants With Manning & Meyers

If you are ready to start the eviction process with your tenants, you’ll need an experienced eviction lawyer on your side. Eviction lawsuits are often met with denial from the offending tenant and can take longer than necessary without legal help.

The eviction lawyers of Manning & Meyers can help you make the most of your time and resources and clear out bad tenants fast!

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