Changes to the Law Related To Board Meeting Notice- 2021 Legislative Analysis

Dallas, Texas

Section 209.0051 of the Texas Property Code governs the required notices that associations must provide to members prior to meetings of the board of directors. Additionally, this section includes a list of items upon which an association may not vote without first providing notice to members.  This section was amended in the 2021 Legislative Session […]

Creation of an Architectural Review Authority- 2021 Legislative Session Analysis


Section 209.00505 of the Texas Property Code was created and governs the Architectural Review Authority for a residential subdivision or townhome. Most associations currently refer to these authorities as “Architectural Review Committees” or “Architectural Control Committees.”  The Texas Legislature provides a common name for these in calling them “Architectural Review Authorities” (hereinafter “ARAs”).  The law […]

Changes to Management Certificate Law- 2021 Legislative Session Analysis

Richardson, Texas

Section 209.004 of the Texas Property Code previously required the filing of a management certificate for each association in the real property records for each county in which that association was located. Additionally, the Code included a list of items that must be included within a management certificate and ramifications for an association if it […]

Requirements for Websites for Property Owners Associations- 2021 Legislative Session Analysis

Frisco, Texas

Section 207.006 of the Texas Property Code previously required that a residential subdivision or townhome place its dedicatory instruments online, but only if it or its management company maintained a website. The Texas Legislature has now amended this section to require most residential subdivisions and townhome communities to maintain a website that is available to […]