Mastering HOA Evictions: A Comprehensive Guide for Attorneys

hoa eviction attorney

Homeowners’ Association (HOA) attorneys play a pivotal role in the smooth operation of communities by upholding the rules and regulations set by the HOA.  One critical aspect of this responsibility is dealing with eviction processes. Evictions can be complex and challenging; a deep understanding of the rules and procedures is essential.  In this comprehensive guide, […]

Your Comprehensive Eviction Documents Checklist

eviction documents

Any eviction process, whether in Texas or elsewhere, relies heavily on documentation. Having a robust paper trail can mean the difference between a smooth, lawful eviction and a costly legal battle. In Texas, where landlord-tenant laws can be intricate, thorough documentation is your best ally. If you know you have a renter on the verge […]

Foreclosure Sales- September 5, 2023

Monthly Foreclosure Sales

Below is a list of all properties that have been posted by our firm for the September 5, 2023 foreclosure sales. This list is only current as of today’s date and time of posting and is subject to change at any time prior to sale. Should you be interested in any property or properties we […]