Changes to Law Regarding Resale Certificates- 2021 Legislative Session Analysis

Dallas, Texas

Section 207.003 of the Texas Property Code governs the requirement for a residential subdivision or townhome to provide a resale certificate to an owner upon request as well as the consequences for an association who fails to comply with such a request. The Texas Legislature amended Section 207.003 and set a maximum fee that may […]

Changes to the Law Regarding Swimming Pool Enclosures- 2021 Legislative Session Analysis

Monthly Foreclosure Sales

Section 202.022 of the Texas Property Code governs the installation of a Swimming Pool Enclosure by an owner. While these changes are technically appliable to owners within both residential subdivisions as well as condominium associations, they will realistically only apply to owners within residential subdivisions. The changes related to Swimming Pool Enclosures take effect on […]

Changes to the Law Regarding Religious Displays- 2021 Legislative Session Analysis

Rules for Flag Flying

Substantial changes were made to Section 202.018 of the Texas Property Code, which governs the display of religious items by an owner or resident within a property owners’ association.  These changes are applicable to owners and residents within both residential subdivisions and condominium associations and take effect on September 1, 2021.    Previously, owners and residents […]