Unlocking Happier Communities With HOA Legal Compliance

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) can evoke a mix of emotions among residents. For some, they represent a comforting sense of order and community; for others, an uncomfortable layer of governance. The truth lies somewhere in between, of course. Let’s briefly explore how HOAs contribute to happier, more harmonious communities and then go into more depth about […]

The Psychology of Evicting Tenants


Evicting tenants is a challenging and emotionally charged aspect of being a landlord. It’s a process that many seasoned landlords find themselves dealing with at some point in their property management journey.  Let’s explore the psychology behind evicting tenants: the emotional aspects from a landlord’s perspective, the fatigue that may arise, the importance of maintaining […]

Legal Help Is Your HOA’s Good Luck Charm

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are the backbone of many communities, ensuring neighborhoods maintain their charm, value, and quality of life. However, managing an HOA is no small feat. It involves navigating complex HOA legal landscapes, balancing community interests, and resolving conflicts.  This is where legal assistance becomes invaluable. Let’s explore how having attorneys on your side […]

Advocates for Peace: Attorneys in HOA Disputes

hoa attorney

Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) are the backbone of well-maintained residential communities, ensuring order and aesthetics. However, disputes among homeowners, board members, and management can disrupt the harmony within these associations.  To achieve peaceful resolutions, the expertise of an experienced HOA attorney becomes invaluable. Let’s explore the pivotal role of HOA attorneys in resolving conflicts and fostering […]

Manning & Meyers Adds New Attorney- Philip Traynor

Phillip Traynor - Senior Associate

Manning and Meyers is very pleased to welcome Philip Traynor to the firm in the Litigation and Collections Practice Groups. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome a fantastic new addition to our team here at Manning & Meyers, Philip S. Traynor. With a deep background in real estate litigation and a wealth of experience representing […]

HOAs and Notice of Association Election or Vote

HOA Lawyers in Dallas Texas

In today’s blog post, we’re dissecting Section 209.0056 of the Texas Property Code. This section stipulates specific timeframes for notifying homeowners about upcoming elections or votes within their Property Owners’ Associations (POAs). Let’s go through this crucial piece of legislation step-by-step. Subsection (a) refers to elections or votes taking place at a meeting of the […]

HOAs and Voting

HOA Lawyers in Dallas Texas

Today, we’re navigating another important part of the Texas Property Code – Section 209.0055. This section pertains to the voting rights of property owners within certain property owners’ associations in Texas. It’s a crucial statute that protects homeowners’ rights, even in complex circumstances. Let’s unpack it together. Subsection (a) defines the type of property owners’ […]

HOAs and Contracts

HOA Lawyers in Dallas Texas

Today, we’re going to delve into Section 209.0052 of the Texas Property Code. This section specifically discusses the conditions under which an HOA can enter into a contract with a current board member, their relatives, or a company in which they have a significant financial interest. Let’s break it down together. Firstly, note that subsection […]

Handling Tenant Conflict

As a landlord, you will encounter tenant conflicts from time to time. These can range from minor disagreements requiring a bit of mediation to major disputes requiring legal intervention.    Handling tenant conflict can be challenging, but it’s a crucial part of being a landlord, and it’s important to have a plan and always think […]