New Laws affecting Property Owner Associations

Here is an outline of the new laws affecting Property Owner Associations in Texas in 2019.

1)      Election of Board Members- 209.00591

1) Cohabitation Limitation>– a person may not serve as a board member if they cohabitate in the same primary residence with another board member.


a. Association has fewer than 10 residences;
b. Association is in developmental period and person is the developer or cohabitates with the developer.

2) Election by Designated Areas– An association that has multiple sections within may designated in a dedicatory instruments a specified number of positions on the board which are to be elected by that section.  It may require that the elected board member(s) to reside in that designated section for which they are elected.

 2) Sale of Beverages by Children-

              Applicability– Single Family Homes & Condominiums

              Source– 202.020

              Effective Date– 9/1/19

              Requirements– An association may not adopt or enforce a restrictive covenant, including the charging of a fee or requiring a permit, that prohibits or regulates the occasional sale of lemonade or other non-alcoholic beverage from a stand on property located in the subdivision.


                                   Only applies to children 18 years old or younger;

                                   Must have permission of property owner to sell on their property;

                                   Only allows for the “occasional sale” of beverages

                                   No alcoholic beverages

                            Liability Limitation

                                     An Association owes no duty of care to the persons participating in the beverage sale;

                                      Association is not liable for injury to persons participating unless they act with gross negligence or engage in willful or wanton acts. 


3) 82.121- Possession of Firearm or Ammunition on Condominium Property

              Applicability– Condos (Pre- and Post- TUCA)
              Allowance of Firearms – A condominium unit owner, their tenant, guest, or guest of a tenant, may not be prohibited from lawfully possessing, carrying, transporting or storing a firearm, any part of a firearm, or ammunition. This allowance extends to the following areas:

                                Condominium Unit;
                                Vehicle in Parking Area
                                Common Area as necessary to:
                                          Enter or exit condominium property;
                                          Enter or exit condominium unit;
                                          Enter or exit vehicle on condominium property.
              Penal Code Applications– These allowances extend to defenses under the Penal Code.  The carrying and storage of such are defenses under Chapter 30 of the Penal Code.
              Nullifies and Dedicatory Instrument to the Contrary– This section applies notwithstanding any provision of a dedicatory instrument to the contrary, regardless of the date of adoption.

4) Political Signs Change

              The regulation of political signs in Associations was removed from Section 202 of the Property Code and recodified at Section 259.002 of the Texas Elections Code.  The content remained the same.

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