A Quick Guide to Board Meeting Minutes

The Texas Property Code and other Texas Statues do not explicitly state what must be contained within board meeting minutes, merely that they must be kept.

We highly recommend to our Condominium and Homeowners Association clients that they include the following information in their board meeting minutes.

1. The Name of the Association;

2. Type of Meeting- Board Meeting, Annual Meeting of Members, Adjourned Meeting, etc;

3. Date, Time, and Location of Meeting;

4. Who is present at the Meeting;

5. If quorum was met;

6. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved;

7. Motions:
– What is the Motion
– Who Made the Motion
– The Vote on the Motion
– Whether the Motion Passed

8. Results of any Board Member Election or any other member vote;

9. Time the Meeting Adjourns.

If you are a Texas Homeowners Association, please feel free to contact our office with any questions about board meetings and rrocedure.

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