Why Does Your Association Need a Texas HOA Lawyer On Its Side?

HOAs are entities that help mold a community that is desirable, safe, and welcoming to new owners and members. However, as decisions are made, and an association grows, a Board of Directors is bound to hit some legal bumps in the road.

Remember, a Board is a team of elected volunteers that may have some experience with the legalities of HOA law but are still the average owner at the end of the day. Let’s examine the importance of adding an HOA lawyer to your association’s legal roster and how an experienced team like Manning & Meyers can help your Dallas association thrive.

Why is an HOA Attorney Important?

The future of your association’s success should never be jeopardized by legal issues and misunderstandings that could plague your Board. Here are some of the key ways an HOA attorney can add value to your association practices.

Changing Governing Documents is Complex

Sometimes an association must make changes to its CC&Rs or other governing documents. This act goes beyond making changes to a document’s text.

The process of amending governing documents is complex and requires legal prowess to ensure that every precaution is taken and all permanent changes are within state and federal HOA law. An attorney can help you phrase proper wording and ensure all final changes create the best situation for your community and its owners.

We Help With Dues Collection

Sometimes homeowners simply fall behind on dues payments or feel entitled enough to not pay them. Your HOA relies on dues to meet budgetary requirements and push important projects and community improvements forward.

If dues severely fall behind, you’ll need an HOA lawyer to help your association take sufficient action. From liens to starting the foreclosure process, our team can help you make the right legal moves for your situation.

Law Interpretation

Board members come and go. Thus, it is complicated for a Board to always grasp HOA law and the interpretation of governing documents. From maintenance responsibilities to the legal reach of an HOA over its community, a team of HOA lawyers can help your Board interpret local law and make the best decisions for its constituents.

General Legal Counsel

Finally, if a situation comes down to a homeowner actually suing your HOA, you can rely on an HOA attorney to be the legal counsel that represents the HOA and its Board. As an established legal presence, a lawyer will likely be familiar with the issue at hand and can help you build an argument that helps protect the integrity and interests of your association.

What Qualities Should You Look for in an HOA Attorney?

Finding an HOA attorney that’s right for your association is an important task that should keep several qualifications in consideration.

Before even looking into what an HOA attorney has to offer, examine your association’s budget. Can you afford legal representation at this time or will you have to forecast this need out during the next round of budgeting?

Once you have your budget set, look into your association’s legal needs.

Are there several disputes between owners and the Board? Do you have a problem getting dues paid on time? Does your Board need help understanding local HOA law?

An experienced HOA attorney like those of Manning & Meyers can help you face all of your association’s legal issues head-on. When deciding on legal representation, always keep these three qualities in mind:

  • Excellent communication
  • Experience in the field
  • Honesty and trustworthiness

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